Glad you stopped by. Joan is currently painting and Lana is exploring new and old forms in her pottery studio. We continue to travel and have our nomad adventures. Joan is taking painting classes and experimenting with the encaustic process and acrylics. She has left Lana in the pottery studio all by herself. Lana is happy about this. Joan is being messy and inventive with her paints. Had classes with Elise Wagner and Lisa Pressman, Judy Wise,and anticipates many more classes and art adventures. Lately we are in the process of discovering Portland and moving our interest in that direction. Still selling pots and vintage at the Lighthouse Crafts and Antiques in Lacey.

June 5, 2013

New shop.. at Lighthouse Antiques and Crafts

Lighthouse Antiques and Crafts
Open Every Day            2921 Pacific Avenue, Lacey             360-943-5194      

Come visit our little Off Center Productions shop in Lacey WA at Lighthouse Antiques and Crafts. Walk in front door, walk forward and to left; we are in little room in back Booths 3 and 4. We have pottery and beads in one and sister Jeannette has her fabulous knitted hats and scarves in other.

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lindalandig said...

I plan to stop by in the next day or 2 and check out what you have in your shop. :)